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The Magic of South Africa - 9 Delightful Days/ 8 Amazing Nights

South Afica’s legendary Kruger, Botswana’s magnificent Chobe & Victoria Falls (optional excursion) – 8 delightful days / 7 awesome nights including FREE BONUS Dinner at Mandela’s House.

A 5-Star All-Inclusive Safari Experience!

The perfect blend of Africa’s wildlife, glamor, fine dining, scenic splendor and history.


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Luxury Kruger Family Safari & Magical Sun City

An African safari is a trip you’ll remember and treasure forever.  You, your friends, your kids, your grandkids will thrill to see, roaming free in their natural habitat, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions leopards, cheetahs and other African wildlife.  All done safely and stress-free, with a knowledgeable tour guide to host you.

The game drives are in open 4×4 vehicles that are limited to 6 people, so you can get the bird, animal, and flora shots of a lifetime.

Or go even more off the beaten path – take an optional but not-to-be-missed walking safari where you can connect with the African bush and interact with all its inhabitants in a safe environment. Official Kruger National Park ranger guides do this walk so it has to be pre-arranged and paid for.  Let us know if you want to do it when you book! 
Or do a round of golf at the world’s wildest golf course – one right within the Kruger National Park.   The Skukuza Golf Course is world renowned for wild animal sightings while you play!
Whether you opt to do any of these additional experiences or not, this safari is in itself a rare, limited edition event.  An all inclusive luxury safari at an unheard of price, in a prime position within Kruger, one of the Africa’s greatest national parks.
Your safari includes:
  • Luxury accommodation with private indoor toilets & indoor bathtubs or showers
  • Twice daily game drives – in open back 4x4s – morning & afternoon/evening
  • 3 meals per day plus snacks
  • all local drinks – alcoholic & non-alcoholic
  • all transfers
  • all flights within Africa

No Where Else in the World Can You:

From your bathtub or shower –
Watch elephants & hippos play with their babies in the clear waters of an untamed river
From your bed –
Watch the sunrise over the African bush savanna and spot African fish eagles grab their prey from the river below

From your private balcony – 
Watch lions stalk animals as they drink

No where else in the world! 

Your room is part of a historic train that is permanently docked on the famous Selati Bridge which overlooks Kruger’s Sabie River.  This river is a lifeline for the animals in the park.

Talk about ‘gram worthy’!  Find another place where you are in a swimming pool, suspended from a bridge and overlooking buffalo, hippo, lion, giraffe and delightful monkeys scampering about.

At night moonlight illuminates nocturnal animals like leopard on the prowl and hyena as they slink below the bridge — all seen from the comfort and safety of your room!

You have to experience it to believe it – even the video doesn’t fully immerse you in the splendor. 


Experience the exhilaration & magic of Sun City, South Africa’s adventure playground.  Here’s some of the optional extras you can do:

Greet the dawn in a hot air balloon as you pass through clouds and look over the unspoiled wilderness.

Visit a local African village… 

Go for a swim in the giant wave pool or laze on a beautiful inland beach …

Golf at the Gary Player Golf Course or the equally fabled Lost City Golf Course.

Go for game drives in the beautiful Pilanesberg National Park, it is one of Africa’s hidden gems.  A place where local South Africans love to go on safari – it like Kruger also has the Big Five.

Plus African history, culture and cuisine and so much more.

All this as you get even closer to two wonderful things you’ll treasure forever…
  • The lands, animals, peoples, and grandeur of Africa.
  • Your friends & your family, especially your kids or grandkids as you treat them to the experience of a lifetime.



Itinerary Summary - Quick Description

  • Trip Highlights:
  • Luxury accommodation for 7 nights
  • 14 meals (7 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 4 dinners)
  • Welcome Dinner at Mandela’s Former Home
  • 7 game drives
  • All local drinks – alcoholic & non alcoholic while on safari in Kruger
  • Met at airport and all transfers
  • All flights within Africa
  • Day 1 Arrive in South Africa – Welcome Dinner at Mandela’s Former Home
  • Days 2-5 Luxury Safari in Kruger, 2 game drives each day, breakfast, lunch & dinner plus snacks
  • all local drinks included while on Safari
  • Days 5-8 Magical Sun City – Luxury accommodation at The Palace of the Lost City – where Michael Jackson loved to stay and the movie “Blended” was filmed.
  • While at The Palace of the Lost City – Breakfast daily – Optional activities – More game drives – within the wonderful Pilanesberg National Park, quad biking, golf at 2 world famous golf courses, South Africa’s most famous casino, water sports, wave pool, shopping! See why Michael Jackson LOVED staying at The Palace of the Lost City.
  • Starting from



Heritage Africa Clients Say it Best:

South Africa’s Legendary Kruger, Botswana’s Magnificent Chobe & Victoria Falls (optional excursion) – 8 Delightful Days/7 Awesome Nights. Including Free Bonus Dinner at Mandela’s House. Two iconic game rich parks that are bigger in size than than the size of some countries or US states

The lodges are epic/legendary – one perched on a bridge over the famous Sabie River, the other legendary African National Parklegendary safari set in two uniquely sublime setting. Here you have the makings for the African Safari of your dream. Unique in all of Africa is Kruger Shalati, no where allows you to view wildlife from the pool, your bed, luxury safari showcase

The perfect blend of Africa’s wildlife, glamor, fine dining, scenic splendor and history
See why Liz Taylor and Richard Burton remarried & honeymooned while staying at Chobe Game Lodge.

Epic, unique and surreally beautiful – 2 legendary lodges that combine the thrill of 2 of Africa’s greatest national parks – South Africa’s Kruger and Botswana’s Chobe. Be seduced by nature as you observe hippos and elephants play in the Sabie River which flows below your cabin. Understand why Liz Taylor and Richard Burton returned so many times to the splendor of the Chobe Riverfront – and remarried and honeymooned while staying at Chobe Game Lodge.

Two classics – one new Kruger Shalati, one old Chobe Game Lodge – both set in uniquely beautiful settings within 2 of the most celebrated of Africa’s great national parks. One once in a life time price. 7 days/ 6 nights – all inclusive of 3 meals per day, all local drinks and glorious twice daily game drives or river cruises, domestic and regional flights, transfers, conservation fees – from $4999 per person double occupancy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Since you have 2 game drives a day, if you go on each one you have an excellent chance of seeing - the Big Five which are elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos and leopards.  These animals were named The Big Five because they were the most dangerous animals to hunt.  

Now the term The Big Five applies to seeing and/or photographing these animals.  For most safari goers it's a goal of to see them all. In Kruger you have a wonderful opportunity to experience them safely yet up close as well. 

But in addition to these Big Five animals you have an excellent chance of seeing - giraffes, zebras, antelope, wart hogs, hyenas, hippos, crocodiles and more!

One thing to keep in mind - you are not going to a zoo.  The animals live wild and free - you are visiting THEIR home. And though Kruger does have a fence around it, the park is one of the largest in the world - about  the size of the state of New Jersey or the country of Israel.  It is full of the animals you've dreamed of seeing and many more that you have yet to discover.  It is indeed a delightful journey of discovery, enjoy it.


Rules and regulation can change at any time and on a country by country basis as well.

For this itinerary, at this time, South Africa does not require any shots to enter.  Assuming you are coming from a part of the world that does not have Yellow Fever, you no longer need a Yellow Fever Certificate.

Kruger is in a malarial area, Sun City is not.  So you may opt to have anti malaria tablets.  It is best to consult your doctor on what exactly is best for you.

With regard to Covid, masks and being vaccinated are no longer requirements. 

But all of this can change. 

The food is delicious and hygienically prepared.  The menus are varied and cater to every dietary preference or restriction.  

Vegans, vegetarians, meat eaters, gluten free option are all available.

On safari at Kruger all of your meals are included.  That is breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.  Plus local drinks - both alcoholic and non alcoholic.

Each day the evening game drives include sundowners as well as snacks. 

Your afternoons are punctuated with high tea and sweet dessert dishes.

This is an all you can eat affair.  

While at The Palace, you get a veritable banquet for breakfast.  The chefs will prepare your omelettes to order, pancakes, waffles, crepes, Asian breakfasts, English breakfasts, spicy food, plain food, yogurts, granola - you get the picture.

Breakfast daily is included.

For your other meals there as scores of places to choose from for dinner or lunch. Those meals are not included.

Don't worry once you sign up for the trip we send you a detailed list of things to pack.

We take all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diner's.

Plus you can pay via PayPal or direct deposit via your bank in the US.

You can also put down a deposit to hold your space and pay in installments.  We send you a reminder when you next payment is due and that's it.

Children under 12 pay a discounted rate, you'll see it on the payment page.

Children must share the room with an adult.

Yes, you just have to get a coupon for each person that is traveling by entering the name of the traveler and his/her email address. 

So if you have a family of 5 you can get 5 coupons and that would mean that you save $500.


A good question that is on many people’s minds.  And the answer is both simple and complex.  Are you concerned about crime or terrorism? Are you concerned about not getting sick from unhygienic conditions?  Are you concerned about not getting eaten by wild animals?  Or all the above.

Let’s deal with each of these concerns.

First let’s deal with crime and terrorism.

Remember Africa is huge.  The US could fit within Africa 3 times.  So like anywhere in the world there are safe places and places that are downright dangerous. 

The best guide to get a feel for relative safety in terms of crime and terrorism are the travel advisories issued by governments like the US, Canada, the UK and Australia.  These are professional assessments give a largely impartial view of how much risk each destination has. 

In the case of US government travel advisories they are given number from 1 to 4 with 1 being the safest countries to visit and 4 being the ones to avoid or get out of. 

Most people think of countries like Switzerland as being very safe - and it is a Level 1 country.  But most people do not realize that Botswana - one of Africa top safari destinations is also a Level 1 country.  And South Africa which has a reputation for crime is a level 2, which is the same as the  UK, Italy, & France.

So what is going on?  Well if you really care about crime then what you need to make sure of is that you know where to go and where not to go.  And that is where local expertise comes in.  Local guides and the staff at your hotel can go along way to keeping you safe - if you listen!

Next let’s deal with getting sick or physical safety.  

Here you can avoid a lot of problems by making sure that you stay in good hotels which supply bottled water and that you avoid street food.  Plus avoid fresh fruit that has been cut, or not washed with clean water.

Next safety on safari

Here the best advice is to listen to your guide.  Don’t stand up in the game vehicle, keep your hands and arms inside and don’t tease or call the animals to get their attention.

This is especially important on more adventurous activities like walking safaris.