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Best Luxury African Safaris For You

The best luxury African safaris place you centerstage in the greatest theater on earth, a wildlife drama in the wildest parts of our planet. Authentic, intimate, humbling scale and enlivening details…no other travel experience makes you feel so alive.Nowhere else can you come so close to nature. Nowhere else do you experience the true, untamed majesty of nature. 

And no time is better than now!

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The Best Luxury African Safaris – Where Luxury Is The Wildlife Experience

Bouncing off the trail until you’re close enough to hear lions devouring a carcass, a resounding crack accompanied by blood-smattered whiskers. A mobile camp surrounded by the great wildebeest migration, your evening soundtrack all sonorous grunts and yelping hyenas. Waking up to elephants bathing in the river below, their trunks playfully used as snorkels.

We find luxury in these extraordinary scenes, these raw moments that showcase a land as it always has been. Visit the best destinations and a safari can seem like a wildlife documentary, the highlights continuing 24 hours a day. But this is a continent, not a country, and not all safaris are made the same.

At Heritage Africa we don’t think that safari is a tick-list of animals or a camera roll of snapshots; for that you could visit animals behind cages and fences. The best luxury African safaris create a non-stop immersion with our planet’s vanishing spaces and species.

True African Luxury Vacation

Experience the true African opulence, endulge in the luxury only mother Africa can gift.

At Heritage Africa we go above and beyond to create for You (and your loved ones) a once in a lifetime vacation. A memory that will last you for life. We make sure all your senses are spoiled. Enrich your spirit with our private group cultural tours following the footsteps of Mandela, experience the exquisite dining, finest African wines, scenic landscapes, the source of most valued diamonds, adventurous activities and so much more…


When to Go on an African Safari

Africa will put on a show, wherever and whenever you want to travel. However, this incredible natural world is steadily vanishing. Our generation may be the last to experience the full bounty of the African wilderness. After more than 25 years of customizing the best luxury African safaris we’ve witnessed habitat degradation and the changing face of a continent. Wildlife is no longer as widely spread, nor as abundant. But the special moments haven’t gone away.

The best luxury African safaris play an integral role in preserving fragile habitats and maintaining the wilderness. Conservation fees helps the wilderness pay its way and ensure animals have an uninterrupted habitat. By going on safari you support communities. There are jobs for trackers and guides, aspirations for children, money that filters down through communities. Your safari makes conservation possible as it enables community activism. Local people unite against poaching and can sustainably continue what they have traditionally done – find harmony between the needs of the land, the animals and the people.

Going on a safari is a positive vote to preserving these rare landscapes, and to a future where the world’s rare and endangered wildlife has a central role. The time to make a difference is now. The time to go on safari is now, while this precious world can still thrive.

The best luxury African safaris make you feel alive. The melancholic expression of a great African tusker cast out from the herd; a mother rhino with calf, horns pointing skyward as she ambles towards the lake at dawn; the breathtaking silence that exists when you track a leopard on the prowl. Endangered species walk straight past your lodge while echoed grunts alert you to herds that numbers many thousands of individuals. Sometimes there’s so much going on you don’t know where to look.

Seasonal changes will make the wildlife experience different dependent on the month you visit. But there is no best or worst time for the best luxury African safaris. Instead, we’ve never changed in our belief that the best time to go on safari is as soon as you can – haven’t you dreamt of it long enough? The opportunity is greater than once in a lifetime, because we may be the last generations to witness first-hand what this land is truly about. And with it we may be the storytellers passing a legacy to future generations.

Where to Go on an African Safari

For more than 25 years we’ve strongly believed that the best luxury African safaris are diverse experiences. We carefully customize an itinerary to your interests and aspirations. We want to know about you, before we prescribe a set itinerary to start from. There’s enough safari in Africa to last many many lifetimes so we’d never want to regurgitate the same standard trail.

For the ultimate experiences you need the best safari destinations in Africa. These are vast national parks, particularly hidden corners and unexplored places within these parks. Plus private concessions, where careful restrictions ensure every visitor has their own experience with the wild. Walking across the Mara with a Masai warrior guide, bashful cheetah cubs in the surrounding grass. Quarrels between buffalo bulls, found on an exhilarating nighttime game drive in a private concession within Kruger National Park. Lounging by a private plunge pool at dusk, watching a procession of elephants slowly morph into four-legged silhouettes. Drifting off to nature’s lullaby, then waking up to a new animal soundtrack.

By combining unfenced private concessions and national parks you get this authenticity of experience, taking safari far beyond the postcard moments. We think the best luxury African safaris are personal journeys and if there’s anything we don’t like it’s 15 vehicles crowding around a single lion. We love wilderness, where safari vehicles and camps have nominal impact. It’s an exclusive approach that means our best luxury African safaris  start from $7000 per person. It’s raw, it’s wild, it’s far beyond what you are imagining right now. It takes you on a journey over many days, because there really is no such thing as a one-day safari. And when you wake up each day there’s no predicting how nature’s theater will unfold.

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