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Best Luxury African Safari Vacations For You


Looking out across the plains you watch the zebra, hundreds ambling past. Deep in a forest you track elephants bulldozing new paths, such ferocity, such beauty. At a waterhole you see lions prowl, buffalo looking uncomfortable nearby. The best luxury African safari is not defined by lavish riches and opulence. Instead, it offers authentic and intimate experiences with the wildest wildlife on the planet.

Luxury is the wildlife experience. Getting closer, seeing more, feeling the rhythm of the wild, tuning all five senses into the animals’ world – it is this pleasure that defines the best luxury African safari. You can have decadent accommodation anywhere in the world, but there are only a handful of wildernesses where you come face to face with the true majesty of nature. Unfiltered, untamed, unbelievable to behold, unforgettable on so many levels.

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As unique as zebra stripes
elephants walking across a river on a Botswana luxury safari
Journeys on land and water
a beautiful Botswana safari lodge
Find your place of serenity
Get to know the rare
Get to know the small
the best luxury African safaris always encounter lions
Follow them prowling