Heritage Africa is … at the epicenter of [tourism] to South Africa.
Los Angeles Times
September 10, 2002
South Africa will have to create new wealth… for democracy to work. So far the couple [Michael Giles and Bernadette Moffat] is off to a good start.
Washington Post
May 14, 1994
[With] missionary zeal [to] make their contribution to the new South Africa…Bernadette Moffat and her husband Michael Giles sold their house and gave up six figure salaries as lawyers in Washington.
London Sunday Times
October 2, 1994
Michael Giles saw opportunity … the Columbia Law graduate left the US to settle in South Africa in 1993
Fortune Magazine
October 17, 1994
As part of a major donation strategy, we donated over 100 African safaris to support PBS TV, NPR radio stations, zoos and other organizations throughout the USA. Here’s what some have to say about us, the way we do business and the effect of the donations. Michael, it has been an absolute delight to work with you, and especially to share our airtime with the amazing story of the travel adventures that you host
Vanya Tulenko
WGBH TV and Radio, Boston, Massachusetts
I am just writing to say how happy we are with the results of our Heritage Africa Internet Sweepstakes. We were able to boost our website pledge rate…by 64%…over our December 2000 record…a gain of approximately $46,000 in revenue. The Heritage Africa Pledge promotion was a very exciting start to a new source of funds for WNET.
Kristin Bugge
Thirteen/WNET New York City
On behalf of WTTW, I would to thank you again for your generous contribution of a ten-day African safari. As you may remember, we leveraged this as a raffle opportunity during the length of our drive (18 days). Promotion and registration occurred both on-air during live pledging and on our website. Overall results proved to be both worthwhile and mutually beneficial. We garnered just under $1.4M from over 15K pledges. This is a 54% increase in the number of pledges received from our December campaign. Approximately 8,000 new members joined our organization, a 58% increase from the last drive as well. Additionally, the safari incentive helped to increase traffic on our website. On the Internet alone, we raised over $43K from approximately 500 pledges. As we just recently began our web initiative, this was a 62% increase from the norm.
Jerry Liwanag
WTTW Chicago
Thank you so much for Heritage Africa’s generous donation to KERA’s 7th Annual Tour of Taste! … the 10-day Dream Golf, Winelands, and Wildlife Safari for two … sold in the Live Auction for $10,750. Tour of Taste is KERA’s largest annual fund-raising event. This year’s event raised more $235,000 for public broadcasting in North Texas, and we could not have done it without your help! Our mission at Channel 13 is to provide high-quality programming for the entire family that informs, enriches, and entertains. Your generosity and support of this event has helped us, once again, achieve that goal.
Paula Cheingthong
KERA TV and Radio, Dallas
All of us at KCSM are very excited to be partnering with you and your organization in making the “Dream Jazz Safari”trips available to our listening audience… so far we have raised $8,000.
Sinclair Crockett
KCSM Radio, San Mateo


"Dear Michael and Bernie, Boy do we know how much you spoiled us…nothing can put a dampener on our cloud nine heavenly trip to Africa!! I am dancing with delight over your hard work for us all. Our visit has become a dream come true thanks to you. Did this glorious trip really happen? We can not ever thank you enough."
Luci Johnson
Daughter of the 36th US President
"I was breathless every twenty minutes. It was life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
T. Coye
Boston, Massachusetts
"I am a believer – Heritage Africa is the best and only way to see South Africa!"
Rev. M. Robinson
Memphis, Tennessee
"I continue to sing your praises!"
Loretta Lynch
83rd US Attorney General
"Only 2 weeks have passed since our most amazing trip to Africa! We are still talking, sharing, and showing our photos and even dreaming about the experiences. We have travelled and enjoyed fantastic trips in many places around the world including two prior African Safari trips and rate this trip the best we have ever had. Your responsibility for planning and making sure that our 20 family members’ needs were met far surpassed our highest hopes and expectations! Every request we made, every promise you made was ful lled, and every detail was covered. In addition, the incredible surprises you arranged were so special – the breakfast and birthday dinner in the bush with lodge staff, entertainment by Phinda staff to begin a birthday celebration, and especially the unforgettable community service and interaction with 60 Zulu village children ages 3-8. We will never be able to thank you enough for your expertise, many phone calls, and numerous e-mails all of which made this our trip of a lifetime. You made us feel that you took on this mighty task as if we were your 20 family members and will be recommending you to anyone we know or meet who want to plan their ‘trip of a lifetime’ with or without a large group such as ours. Our grandchildren, none of whom are married yet, expressed that someday they hope to repeat this trip with their spouses and children. That says it all. We feel that together, you and we have given our family the best gift imaginable, lifetime memories of togetherness and adventure that could not be experienced anywher”e else on our great planet. Thank you again and again!"
Marlene and Bob Josefsberg,
Coral Gables, Florida and Beaver Creek, Colorado
"Dear Michael, I have been meaning to write to you to thank you for the most perfectly designed trip imaginable to South Africa. Although you were recommended by a friend in Los Angeles, we were somewhat hesitant after looking into all of the other options on the Internet. My husband is a travel agent and thought he could book our trip although he had been to Kenya but never to South Africa. However, after speaking to you initially, we followed our gut and friend’s recommendation and asked you to plan our trip. We should have known our trip would have been fantastic after having spent many hours talking with us about our expectations and standards of travel. You were always responsive and patient with all of our concerns. Michael, you nailed it! Our accommodations in Johannesburg were perfect for our needs. The variety of 5 safari camps in South Africa and Botswana were each different and overwhelmingly beautiful. Our accommodations in Capetown were also perfect. And we loved our little hotel in Franschhoek with its Michelin starred restaurant. Best of all, was the fact that we were never left to fend for ourselves because we were met and guided expertly every step of the way. And of course, you were in touch with us as we traveled to make sure everything was to our liking. Attached are just a few of the the hundreds of pictures we took. The leopard who was sleeping in the lean-to at the airport when we reached our first camp at Ebony Singita was surreal. The other pictures speak for themselves. I am going to send you a few more pictures separately. You are welcome to share any pictures or parts of this email with other potential clients and I am happy to speak with them if they have any hesitations. Thank you so much for making our trip the trip of a lifetime!"
Joan Garland and Dr. Leslie Garland
Manhattan Beach, California
"Thank you for planning an incredible trip for our family. We loved each incredible activity and outstanding accommodation throughout Africa. Every detail was absolutely perfect thanks to you! Thank you again for sharing your beautiful country and extraordinary heritage with us."
Karen L.
Michael and Bernie (and family), Since arriving home not a day has gone by that I have not thought about and felt this trip in Arica. Each day I think I’ll have more time the next one to express my thanks to you (that I should have done after your perfect speech to all of us at our surprise outdoor dinner on my Mom’s birthday but I was literally in awe that eve and throughout my time there) and as that has not yet occurred I am doing so now. The care that you put into planning/organizing this experience for our entire extended family was above and beyond! Your choices for us of people, places, and experiences as well as the priceless extras of time with you, hearing your perspectives, our gifts, and the photos and videos that I have not begun to view-was outstanding! I know my parents are ultimately responsible; however, the two of you were also an essential part of this process. I can not answer anyone who asks me how was it w/out an instantaneous broad smile on my face. I fall asleep each night reflecting about what I had the opportunity to experience from sunrise to late eve every day on that continent, and I feel deep happiness and peace. That I did this w/ 2 of my daughters, parents, and extended family is something I will forever cherish. Those relationships have been renewed. And my relationship with Africa has only begun-I am already thinking about volunteering there in some capacities and more explorations. Thank you both for all you have done! With gratitude and love,
Amy Ederi
August 20, 2016
Michael, We are home now and recovered from the jet lag. I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service in planning our trip. We had a wonderful time. You did everything perfectly!! We would highly recommend you to any of our friends planning to make this trip.
Teresa Riddle
Los Angeles, California
You gave us royal treatment, we felt like a king and queen…on a glorious once in a life time journey!
Dr. Patrick Matlou
Deputy Director General, South Africa Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, Pretoria, South Africa
My Heritage Africa safari quite literally changed my life. Not a single day goes by that I don’t think of, dream of African and the adventures I had there.
J. Allen Collier
Boston, Massachusetts
Thanks so much for the dream experience of a lifetime!
K. Ager
Windsor, Connecticut
Based on my calculations, we should all be on our afternoon Safari right about now and enjoying another glorious Sunset! Aside from the fact that I truly feel blessed to have experienced Africa with all of you, I find myself in denial that I’m back on US soil being forced to deal with: traffic, preoccupied people, sirens, horns, deadlines, noise, stress, etc. Physically I’m home, but my mind and my heart is still in Africa. Cooper has been watching Animal Planet on TV ever since we got home and even found a show about the Elephants in Botswana that he had us all watch at 5 a.m. this morning. Ethan made sure we all knew that yesterday was an official Holiday called “World Lion Day”. And Mason, as you all witnessed during the past 12 days, is making sure he doesn’t miss anything! So many memories to cherish. Mom and Dad…….Thank you , thank you, thank you for allowing my family to experience this. We are forever grateful and forever changed! To the rest of the family…….we miss you all (even though it’s only been a day) and loved spending precious time with each and every one of you.
David Josefsberg
Miami, Florida
Dear Michael Thanks to you, our trip was great from start to finish. Although logistical arrangements worked perfectly and smoothly. We were extremely pleased with Beyond in terms of the distinctive character, high-quality and comfort of the lodges, the guide services, and the food and service in the lodges. The two Phinda lodges were our favorite because the reserve is so fine and the setting and distinctive architecture of the lodges. We would rate Ngala next. Kirkman’s was perfectly okay, but the rooms were small and the atmosphere generally was, as Ian said, something of the Hamptons. Also the management at Kirkman’s was somewhat amateur and certainly not up to the standard elsewhere. We had an excellent guides throughout. Our guide at Kirkman’s was Jason, a relatively young man who certainly knew his stuff and was very knowledgeable and communicative. Are other guides were all local people — Dyke at Ngala, Sibu at Mountain, and Sam at Forest, each with over 20 years experience, which is invaluable in being able to find game. Sam was especially exceptional, giving us a short walking safari for white rhino. Overall we saw every sort of game, including lions, cheetah, and leopards; many young, including a 12 hours old; and at Mountain, meeting leopards all in all it was a great family experience in a wonderful and relaxing experience, notwithstanding early wake-up calls. Especially in Phinda we were totally immersed in the landscape and the ecosystems on our drives, and grateful for watch hours of a high standard of comfort and great food back at the lodges. Thank you so very much for all that you did for us. We will certainly recommend you to others and would be delighted to serve as a reference. All good wishes
Professor Richard Stewart, Jane, Emily, and Ian
New York